The ※ TAMPERDROME COLLECTION ※ allows you to generate random Dogs, Islands, Ghosts, Cats, and other Strange Things. You can type your name ⸨or the names of your parents?⸩ and see what that name looks like as a Cat. You can see what your birthday looks like as an Island!


Keyboard InterfacePress buttons and see the results in REAL TIME on your Computer Screen

Generated SoundscapesHear the eerie song of a Ghost or the unique rythms of unknowable Dogs

AnimationWatch the sinuous bob and sway of these Delightful Figments

Save your OutputEasily download your favourites to memory as Full Gray colour images

The ※ TAMPERDROME COLLECTION ※ has physical form. Fragments of this project have exhibited at The Museum of Achievement in Austin, Texas. A market-version with live sticker printing of generated artwork was present at The BitBazaar in Toronto, Ontario.

StatusIn development
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