[ space ] to make another frog and [ s ] to save a snapshot.

As autumn approaches the world turns damp.

A generator of frogs.

~ more frogs means more friends ~


This game was originally created live in front of an audience at FANTASTIC ARCADE 2015. It has since had some small tweaks and a screenshot function added You can watch a recording of this performance here. I am a shy and mumbling public speaker so don't expect compelling narration. The intention of this project was to illustrate the potential of procedural generation as a personal tool for inspiration and surprise.

If you are inspired to make a generator by this (which I strongly encourage you to try) I would be very happy to hear from you.


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Tagsfrogs, Generator, no-objective, Procedural Generation


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Love the sounds you used, clicking on Space make us space DJs and I like it

(and frogs are weirdly cutes)

lovely :)

This is really neat, but it looks like the link to the recording is dead. I'd be interested in watching if the recording still exists anywhere!

Oh no! I'll see if I can find it somewhere, I definitely didn't have a recording myself, and I assumed the Venus Patrol stream would remain archived.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuCT9Rccy08 here's an archive of the video!